Automated Emergency Calls

The City of Vaudreuil-Dorion uses an automated calling system to rapidly reach the largest number of residents when an emergency occurs.

Are you registered?

If you have a land line in your home, your number is probably on the list provided by the company that operates the automated calling system. This list is updated several times a year. However, it is advisable that you notify us of any change of address so that your contact information stays up to date. Likewise, if you use only your cell phone, you should send your complete contact information (name, address, phone number) to to be added to the list.

Sign up directly on the automated calling system portal. You will have the option of being notified by phone or text message. 

Some instructions

Call automation is a digital technology. It is not infallible. To ensure proper functioning, certain measures can be taken:

  • Answer in your usual way (yes hello, hello, etc.) so that the system captures your voice.
  • Stay online even if there is a short delay before the message starts.
  • Press a key on the keypad to hear the message again if necessary.

If you are away, the message will be saved in your voicemail. Depending on the length of your greeting message, you may miss the start of communication. If you do not have voicemail, the system will try to reach you three times during the call campaign before quitting.

Stay informed in other ways!

In addition to its automated call centre, the City uses other means of informing the public during emergencies: its website, Facebook page, Twitter account and regional media.

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