Smart collection

The smart collection and incentive tariff project aims to encourage people to sort materials better, and thus generate less waste, and to reward those who incorporate good practices. It includes waste and organic collections.

How it works

For several years now, the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion has been planning to implement a user-pay collection system for brown (organic waste) and black (final waste) bins. Unlike some municipalities where citizens are charged according to the weight of waste collected, Vaudreuil-Dorion has decided to work on the basis of the number of times the bins are lifted. The aim is to encourage citizens to put their bins out less often, and to reward those who adopt this good practice. The objective is to bring a change in citizens' behaviour so that they reduce the amount of waste they produce. In addition, by putting the bin out less often at the curb, we reduce the number of stops and starts for the collection truck, and therefore the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment. complet-vertorange.png (37 KB)

"Sort consciously, sensitively and intelligently".

Smart collection began in January 2024. All brown and black bins are now fitted with a chip that is detected by the collection truck at each collection. This year is intended to be a running-in period, during which the City can collect data, record anomalies and make any necessary adjustments to ensure smooth operations. The aim is to be able to implement incentive-based pricing in 2026.

A few reminders of the actions taken in 2023

  • Most waste bins (black) were chipped in 2023. If you think your bin doesn’t have a chip, don't worry, the anomaly will be identified during collections and the City will make sure it is installed during 2024.
  • All 240 L organic brown bins have a chip, both the old model and the new one (with cap).
  • A collection round for small 45 L brown bins has been done in 2023, with a view to recycling them. If you missed it and would like to dispose of your bin, please e-mail You also have the option of keeping it for another use. Please note that it is no longer accepted for municipal organic waste collection.
  • If you have not received a 240 L brown bin, please notify the City at
  • Green waste are now accepted in brown bins.
  • Please note that wheeled bins are the property of the City. Each one has a serial number associated with an address. They must not be interchanged with neighbors' bins. We strongly recommend that you write your address on the bin.

Frequently asked questions

It's only natural that these changes should raise questions for the public. In order to answer as many questions as possible, the Environment team has prepared a list of frequently asked questions.

City staff can still be reached at or 450 455-3371, option 1.


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