Cycle paths

Over the years, to ensure safe and enjoyable cycling, the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion has developed a network of bike paths that now totals 58 km.

A network from one end of the City to the other

The entire bike path network is asphalted. It is accessible to all—walkers, joggers and inline skaters. It crosses several neighbourhoods, connecting parks, schools, grocery stores, shops, etc.

The interactive map shows the current network of bike paths in Vaudreuil-Dorion. You can also view the map of the current network in pdf format.

Planned work for 2024

  • New multi-purpose off-pavement path on rue Émile-Bouchard, between the Pôle municipal and
    rue Édouard-Lalonde ;
  • New off-street multi-use path along rue Chicoine, between rue Trudeau and rang Saint-Antoine, and continuing on rue de Chenonceau to the new École des Échos;
  • Construction of phase 2 of the multi-purpose track in the Floralies sector. This phase will see the extension of the multi-purpose track from rue des Pivoines to parc des Perce-Neige. Once this phase has been completed, just over 2 km of bicycle lanes from rue des Nénuphars to parc des Perce-Neige. A request for financial MTMD for this project.
  • To improve pedestrian safety on boulevard de la Gare, the city plans to build a new sidewalk on the north side, to complete the missing link between the rue du Manoir intersection and the bus stop further west.
  • To complete the pedestrian pathway between rue des Sureaux and rue des Olivers, paving work will be carried out over the summer.

Sections developed in 2023

  • A multi-use link from Waterlily Street to Narcissus Park along the railroad tracks is planned for 2023.

  • An off-street multi-use path on Valois Street between Harwood Road and 8th Avenue will be constructed this year.

  • The City received financial assistance from the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal for the development of an active transportation study in the TOD sector of the Vaudreuil station. A consultant was hired to conduct a diagnostic study and propose optimizations over time. Over the next few years, these proposals will gradually be implemented. Interventions will be carried out as early as 2023.

Good practice and compliance with rules

The Highway Safety Code applies to everyone, and respecting it is essential to make sharing the road with other users as pleasant as possible. Unforeseen events can occur: people emerging between two cars, doors opening,  motorists who forget to use their turn signals, etc. It is therefore important to pay attention and stay focused on the road. It is also important to remain vigilant at intersections by making eye contact with other road users. Caution is especially advised at intersections where right turns are allowed on a red light. Finally, to anticipate dangers and unforeseen events on the road, travelling at a moderate speed, between 15 and 20 km / h, is highly recommended in order to have enough time to react.