Parks and green spaces

There are over 50 equipped parks with play modules, water playgrounds and sports fields, and 5 dog runs in the Vaudreuil-Dorion area.


All parks are equipped to welcome all residents. They usually have benches and picnic tables, and sometimes even drinking fountains, pergolas and toilets. Many include children's play modules, water playgrounds and sports fields.

Consult the interactive map to find the park closest to you... or discover new ones!


During the summer season, parks and playgrounds are maintained daily by the Public Works Department. It is essential to have everyone’s collaboration to keep places clean and inviting. If you notice any breakage or malfunction, do not hesitate to contact Public Works.

Park regulations

Parks and green spaces may be peacefully enjoyed between 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM.

It is prohibited to walk a dog in a park, with the exception of certain areas identified in By-law No. 1771 (Section 34.7). Many parks now allow access to the periphery or to predefined areas with signage in place.

Motorcycles or other motorized vehicles are not permitted. It is also prohibited to consume drugs and alcoholic beverages, to make fires or to be indecently dressed.

Dog runs

Dog owners can visit one of the 5 dog runs

  • Marier-Merisiers
  • du Ruisselet
  • Lorne-Worsley
  • de la Montée Cadieux
  • Harwood Nature Park