Les Rythmes d’été

Starting Tuesday, July 5, 7:30 p.m., discover artists from all over at parc de la Maison-Valois!

Cancellation Info Line: In case of uncertain weather, call 450-424-8502 to ensure that outdoor activities will be held.

Brigitte Boisjoli (July 5)

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Mes 40 ans!


Privileged by a strong relationship with the public since her youth, Brigitte Boisjoli presents a new show under the sign of the gathering and the entertainment as only she knows how! As a thank you to her loyal audience who has followed her since Star Académie and through multiple projects ranging from musicals to her five albums and tours (Fruits défendus 2011, Sans regret 2014, Patsy Cline 2015, Signé Plamondon 2017 and Women 2019) or to radio and TV hosting, MES 40 ANS! promises to celebrate this lasting bond through all of the artist's great hits. Her promise: a show full of anecdotes that will move, make people laugh and allow her to do what she does best: let loose with the crowds! On the road to a brand new album of original songs, this will also be the occasion to present her new original compositions to the public for the very first time. Accompanied by three musicians, Brigitte will do her own staging with the ultimate goal of giving her all to make each evening memorable!


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Elliot Maginot (July 12)

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A solitary and contemplative soul, Elliot Maginot likes to explore new sounds, refine textures, handle words and flesh out his orchestrations. It is without calculation that the young singer-songwriter integrates the Montreal scene in 2013 with an EP of pure homemade folk. This recording will allow him to perform on stage and will serve as his passport to Indica Records for Young/Old/ Everything.In.Between (2015), a first album halfway between soaring pop and left-field folk-rock. This opus earned him two nominations at the GAMIQ Gala, allowed him to enter into rotation on several radio stations including CHOM and CBC Music in addition to giving him the opportunity to perform in several renowned festivals (Canadian Music Week, Montreal in the Light, Emerging Music Festival, Quebec City Summer Festival, Montreal International Jazz Festival, Pop Montreal, North by Northeast...) and in all latitudes (Canada, Germany, Australia, Austria, the United States, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom).


At the dawn of a new adventure, Elliot Maginot joins Audiogram for a second album, Comrades, released in the fall of 2018. Co-produced with Connor Seidel (Matt Holubowski), this opus asserts itself resolutely more pop but also more sophisticated in its arrangements with sounds not unlike Phil Colins, War on Drugs or even Peter Gabriel. Gaining four stars in Le Devoir and 9/10 in Exclaim, it allows Elliot Maginot to widen his audience with a first single, Common Place, which reaches the 2nd position of the English Top 100 Radio Correspondents. In May 2021, he returns to the forefront with Easy Morning, an essentially acoustic album, once again produced with Connor Seidel and which combines the softness of strings, the warmth of brass and West African sounds.



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Damien Robitaille (July 19)

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During the long period of confinement, Damien Robitaille offered more than 100 songs of the day to his public via social networks. On piano, guitar, drums, the pandemic made us discover a real one-man band.  Here he is finally unboxed to present his greatest hits in front of a real audience.


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Fwonte (July 26)

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A Montrealer by adoption and originally from Haiti, Fwonte has made a name for himself with a unique sound blending traditional Haitian music with electronic music and hip-hop. Buoyed by this singular fusion of styles, he released a series of three albums/EPs: "No Wanga" (2015), "No Wanga 2" (2017), and "No Wanga 3" (2018). He returns in this new decade with the release of his new album recorded between London and Montreal: "Danse avec mes démons". Fwonte has surrounded himself with renowned musicians such as DJ Champion, Kensaye and Murder He Wrote to carry out his artistic project and deliver an album with multiple inspirations.



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Marie Denise Pelletier (August 2)

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En toute intimité, a show to highlight more than three decades of songs that have forged the history of his vast repertoire.


Whether it's Starmania's "Le Rêve de Stella Spotlight", Eddy Marnay's "Les moulins de mon cœur" or the classic "Pour une histoire d'un soir" and "Tous les cris, les SOS", Marie Denise Pelletier, with her remarkable voice, offers a very personal retrospective of the songs that have marked her career and recounts, sometimes emotionally, sometimes humorously, the most memorable moments of her career.


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Maxime Landry (August 9)

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Le party beauceron


With his brand new show, Maxime Landry invites us to his family party!


"Le party beauceron is a show that is festive and warm. Like a family party! Accompanied by five musicians on stage, it will be a party! You will hear the songs that marked my childhood, and the classics of country music! Songs that everyone knows, like the songs on the album: Victoria, La danse de la limonade, Aiko Aiko, La loutre, Bienvenue, Au chant de l'alouette, La théière, Le lac à Beauce, Souvenir d'un vieillard, Au temps de la bonne chanson. It's a 100% country and festive show, since it's the music that was played in my beautiful native Beauce! And right now, I really need to get back to my roots. - Maxime.


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