Cultural Mediation

Known for its cultural vitality, Vaudreuil-Dorion uses cultural mediation to create meeting spaces that will help strengthen ties between community members.

What is cultural mediation?

An essential practice used in the cultural development of a territory, cultural mediation consists in developing a variety of strategies and tools to improve access to artistic production and encourage citizen participation and cultural expression.

In Vaudreuil-Dorion, the "Je suis..." project is nothing less than a new way of seeing culture and living it in the community.

Capsules vidéo d'introduction à la médiation culturelle

Série de six capsules d’introduction à la médiation culturelle produite par la Ville de Vaudreuil-Dorion  dans le cadre de l’entente de développement culturel avec le ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec.

Lauréate de plusieurs prix nationaux et internationaux pour son projet de médiation culturelle Je Suis…, la Ville de Vaudreuil-Dorion est aujourd’hui reconnue comme l’une des Villes leader de l’Agenda 21 de la culture par le réseau mondial Cités et gouvernements locaux unis (CGLU) en plus de s’être mérité, en 2016, le prestigieux Prix international – CGLU - Ville de Mexico - Culture 21. 

Expert (recherche, textes et animation) : Michel Vallée. Production : Kinescope. Caméra : Éric Filiatreault. Son: René Portillo. Montage: Patrick Richard et Antony Vannapho. Réalisation: Natalie Poirier

La médiation culturelle 1 : C'est quoi?

La médiation culturelle 2 : La rencontre

La médiation culturelle 3 : L'acteur

La médiation culturelle 4 : L'agent de changement

La médiation culturelle 5 : Le processus (1 de 2)

La médiation culturelle 6 : L'agent de changement (2 de 2)

2018 Cultural Mediation Projects

Among the proposals submitted for 2018, the Culture Committee of the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion has chosen to support those of the following artists.

Activity Artist or organization

Le bonheur d’apprendre (The Happiness of learning)

Creation of a structural collective work of permanent urban art with the members of the AUTAM to point out the 25 years of existence of the organism on the territory.

Tina Struthers

Ces femmes de cœur (These women of heart)
Realization of a mural on wood panels that will embellish the building that serves as a local for the Cercle de fermières on the street des Loisirs. The project will be realized with the members of the organism and its partners.

Céline Poirier

L’école multigénérationnelle (The multigenerational school)
Correspondence between students at Harwood Elementary School and seniors in Vaudreuil-Dorion. The participants will be paired to create links between these two generations. The children will also create badges to offer to their correspondents. They will have the opportunity to meet during small circus performances that students will present in the residences.

John McRae

Mon masque (My Mask)
Realization of personal masks representing what the women of La Passerelle think to project from the outside and how they feel perceived from the inside.

Annouchka Gravel Galouchko

Vibrer ensemble (Vibrate together)
Creation of mobiles/chimes using recycled articles related to women's history. Several workshops will be conducted by the women at the Centre de femmes La Moisson in order to hang chimes on the rope of art at the library. Then, women will deliver workshops at three citizen events.

Tina Struthers

Mozaïk Parade

The Mozaïk parade, which takes place every June 23, is a collective creation by citizens, cultural organizations, community groups and businesses in collaboration with local artists. It brings together nearly 1,000 participants. In Vaudreuil-Dorion, the people's creativity is given free rein. Artists take the lead, helping citizens of all generations, nationalities, cultural origins and walks of life to create a parade entry that expresses who they are. The Mosaïk parade is a unique cultural mediation initiative that creates a space where artists and the public can work together in a tangible way.

A few past projects


Located in Esther-Blondin park

Creation of sculptural artworks by artists Sonia Haberstich and Monica Brinkman in collaboration with citizens of diverse cultural communities. Structures represent caring, listening and discovering each other.

ChristianGonzalez1.jpg (191 KB)

Le Souffle de ma communauté

Works located in the pedestrian tunnels near Valois Street, in the Dorion area

Project in two phases, initiated by Monica Brinkman in 2016 with the collaboration of Zone de Graff (Comité Jeunesse La Presqu'Île), with the aim of giving new life to the pedestrian tunnels in the Dorion sector. In 2017, bubbles were created by various citizen groups and artists Céline Poirier, Lucie Bisson, Jean-Noël Bilodeau, John McRae, Roxane Bilodeau, Monica Brinkman, Deirdre Potash, Sonia Haberstich and Tina Struthers. Each of the bubbles has a meaning of its own.

Souffle_ChristianGonzalez1.jpg (316 KB)

Travaillons ensemble (let's work together)

A work located at the corner of Chemin Paul-Gérin-Lajoie and Avenue Saint-Charles

Artists Tina Struthers and Monica Brinkman created a work linking the Vaudreuil-Dorion of yesteryear to the urban city it is today. They wanted to use mosaic to turn a 1949 tractor into a symbol of the history of Vaudreuil-Dorion and its farmlands. The result? Some 500 small mosaic tiles adorn the tractor—a tribute to the participants in the cultural mediation initiatives and to memories of days gone by.

MediationCulturelle_Trateur.jpg (358 KB)

Nourrir ses rêves II (feed your dreams II)

A mural painted on the Rue Valois overpass, at the corner of Avenue Saint-Charles

The "Nourrir ses rêves II" mural was proposed to encourage people to cooperate, dialogue and take a fresh look at our community. Madeleine Turgeon, with her unquenchable desire to democratize art by integrating it into our living environment, has proposed a series of art workshops with some 20 young people from Carrefour jeunesse-emploi to offer them an enriching experience while beautifying a much-neglected area of ​​the city.

The mural, composed of faces with big eyes representing the perspectives and dreams of these young people, evokes resilience in the face of difficulty. Their expressive eyes and smiles remind us that we must not abandon our dreams and that the future is here.

MediationCulturelle_Murale.jpg (254 KB)