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Rules Concerning Winter Parking on City Streets

The City of Vaudreuil-Dorion wishes to remind citizens to make sure they check parking rules daily throughout the winter up until April 1st, to find out whether or not parking  on the street is allowed. Every day, starting at 5 p.m., the hotline message (450-455-3372) will inform callers whether parking is permitted or prohibited starting at midnight on the same day. The decision to allow or prohibit parking will depend on weather conditions as well as ongoing ice and snow removal operations on the territory.

Under current regulations, on-street parking is prohibited from November 15 to April 1st between midnight and 7 a.m. However, in an effort to ease back on regulations and allow on-street parking as much as possible, the City introduced the winter parking hotline a few years ago. With this system, the on-street parking was prohibited for only 38 nights last year and 35 the previous year over a period of four and a half months.

During storms or snow removal operations, citizens are allowed to park their vehicles in one of the following alternative parking lots:

  • 1650, Émile-Bouchard Road (new - gravel parking lot behind the centre Mulstisports)
  • Arena and municipal library
  • Jean-Marc-Ducharme Community Centre
  • Parc de Bel-Air
  • Parc de Dorion-Gardens (pay attention to signage)
  • Parc de la Maison-Valois
  • Parc de la montée Cadieux
  • Parc Esther-Blondin
  • Parc Félix-Leclerc
  • Parc Lorne-Worseley
  • Parc Paul-Gérin-Lajoie
  • Parc Trudeau
  • De la Fabrique Parking

Keep in mind that some exceptions may apply. For example, where there is a sign prohibiting parking, the sign takes precedence over the telephone message. Vehicles left on the street at times when parking is prohibited, and where they could interfere with snow removal operations, run the risk of being towed. This will also result in a fine for the owners.

A New Notification System to be available shortly

The City is currently working on a Citizens’ Portal where residents will be able to sign up to receive notices via email, mobile notification or text message on topics that are of interest to them, including Winter Parking rules. The launch of this new system is planned for early 2021, and will be in addition to the hotline, which remains the most effective way to find out whether parking your car on the street is allowed or prohibited during the Winter season.