My Library: A free service accessible to all citizens

The City of Vaudreuil-Dorion is launching a campaign to promote the many services offered free of charge at the municipal library to benefit the City’s population. This campaign, which features some of Vaudreuil-Dorion’s own citizens, comes just as the library is given the go-ahead by the government to reopen its doors to the public.

Six of the library’s biggest users have graciously agreed to share their experience with their fellow citizens to help them discover the many benefits that come with a library membership. No matter their age, all of these unique ambassadors share the same deep attachment to their municipal library, along with a phenomenal number of documents in their loan history.

  • Mireille Bédard has been a member of the library since its opening. She attends most of the lectures hosted by the library and has borrowed 3,292 documents to date.
  • Daniel and Annabelle Bradford, along with all the other members of their family, frequently enjoy borrowing a wide variety of documents including books, comic books, albums, video games, board games... To date, the Bradford family has borrowed a total of 265 documents.
  • Josée Laflamme is a teacher at École Saint-Michel. She pays regular visits to the library with her students and has borrowed a total of 1,083 documents to date.
  • Elom Paku is a huge fan of the technology workshops. This avid reader has already borrowed 612 documents!
  • Lys Varin is a frequent visitor to the Lab, and she has been coming to the library since she was a little girl. Her history shows that she has borrowed 2,421 documents to date!

The library is more than just books!

"Libraries have now become more of a living environment rather than a simple loan desk. With this promotional campaign, we want to show people how widely accessible the library is and how diverse the experiences of each user can be, all of them completely free of charge," explained Annick Lemay, Head of the Library Division.

The range of activities include theme-based workshops for children, story times, a summer book club, lectures and learning workshops for adult members. At the Lab, users are given the opportunity to create an infinite number of projects using state-of-the-art equipment, including a 3D printer, a vinyl cutter, a sewing, quilting and embroidery machine, a 3D scanner, a graphic tablet, heat press, button maker and more! Computer stations with Internet access are also available to users, as well as the ability to print documents if needed.

For frequent user Josée Laflamme, the library holds a wealth of resources for her young students: "Some of my students and their families don’t know this service exists and have never been to the library. Sometimes the enthusiasm they experience after a visit with their class is contagious and the whole family decides to visit for a first time, then a second, then it just becomes a new habit. For those who have already been to the municipal library, their eyes sparkle when they get to go back to a place that feels familiar to them, and they already know where to find some of its treasures. They look forward to finding the ones they haven’t discovered yet."

On top of everything else, the library features an impressive selection of documents to choose from including large collections of books in both French and English, books and digital resources, audio books, newspapers and magazines, DVDs and CDs, language courses, sheet music, board games, video games and take-out kits (discovery kits, exploration kits, evening entertainment kits).

In the past year, certain adjustments had to be made to the library’s service offerings because of the pandemic. Staff was quick in using their creativity to implement a contactless loan service and delivery service during the period when the building was inaccessible. While theme-based and learning workshops will continue to be offered in virtual mode for the time being, citizens are welcome to enter the premises to select their documents from shelves, visit the Lab and use the individual study areas. To ensure a safe environment, sanitary measures must be observed by all visitors, including disinfecting hands upon arrival, wearing a mask at all times and maintaining a physical distance of two metres from others.