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Citizen participation: The population has chosen the planting of large-sized trees

In recent weeks, citizens were called upon to vote for the project they most wanted the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion to carry out in 2021. The choice was made, and 58.9% of participating citizens voted in favour of the planting of large-sized trees. Next in line was the Landscaping and greenery project for boulevard Harwood (29.8%), followed by the Master Plan for Outdoor Signage project (11.3%).  A total of 1,502 residents of Vaudreuil-Dorion took part in the survey.

"The survey we invited our citizens to take part in is a first step towards a participatory budget. The three projects submitted, valued at $100,000 each, had captured the interest of the City Council during the budget preparation exercise. However, it would have been impossible to carry all of them out due to financial constraints. So we decided to let the residents choose, which they did. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate," commented Mayor Guy Pilon.

In 2021, the Public Works Department will plant 20 trees, each with a diameter of between 200 and 350 mm, or trees that are approximately twenty years old. The trees will be planted near water play parks to create natural shaded areas and increase canopy cover as well as in some parks where there is a great number of ash trees, many of which had to be cut down because of the emerald ash borer. These new large-sized trees will be added to the smaller ones already in place. Because of their larger size, they will help contribute to the reduction of heat islands.

Consistency in the choice of species is key in building a healthy, fast-growing urban forest while minimizing the costs related to upkeep and care. A healthy tree is a tree that requires minimal upkeep. Preference will therefore be given to species that are noble and rustic such as maple (Acer), honey locust (Gleditsia), lime (Tilia) and oak (Quercus).

This first citizen participation initiative stems from the wish to “encourage the participation of all to the well-being of all” (Susciter la participation de tous aux mieux-être collectif) and is part of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan entitled Habité par ma ville!